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Pairing Crossbeam data with CRUSH provides the intelligence you need to drive your Partner strategy — right within Salesforce. Quickly visualize your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to improve growth strategies and tactics. Use your existing Salesforce and Crossbeam data to see how your sales strategy can be streamlined and improved.

In order to install this integration, you'll need Crossbeam's Salesforce Custom Enrichment Object. The Salesforce Custom Enrichment Object is available in Crossbeam's Supernode plan. Learn more here.

Key Benefits

  • Relationship Mapping - Easily identify key account influencers and develop actionable insights that drive valuable partner relationships.
  • White Space Analysis - Uncover the full revenue potential of a partner account by exploring the white space: the uncharted territory of opportunities for your product and service lines across business units.
  • Influence Charting - Capture and analyze critical intel about champions, supporters and blockers to better navigate and nurture evolving relationships.

Integration Flow

/Prolifiq CRUSH
/Prolifiq CRUSH

How It Works

Contact your Crossbeam or Prolifiq representitive for an enablement call.

Account Planning Software Powered by Salesforce and Crossbeam Data


If you're on Crossbeam's Supernode plan and a Prolifiq customer, then contact to begin the integration.

To set up the integration, you must be an Admin in Crossbeam and have SF Admin access.


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