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Delivering Offline Experiences for Better Engagement

Building relationships and trust throughout your partner's organization is incredibly hard. Gifts and events help you create a unique way to start building with a give instead of an ask.

Trigger HubSpot workflows with Crossbeam data to send a gift email to your partners asking for an introduction, assistance, and to show gratitude for their help.

Create the reciprocity flywheel!

Key Benefits

  • Faster Partner Engagement - Break through the noise and add unique value to partners in your outreach. The faster you start the giving, the faster the reciprocity flywheel spins.
  • More Partner Relationships - Use gifts to show partners how you lead with value, and kickstart your relationships.
  • Automated Outreach - Don't wait to send a big list. Get specific and work individual opportunities when overlaps occur.  Set triggers based on your preferences and have Postal deliver partners ready to engage. 
  • Lower Cost Per Lead - A small gift means a lot. Partner introductions will close faster and at higher rates.

How It Works

When you use the Crossbeam data in HubSpot integration, Postal customers can trigger gift emails in HubSpot contact-based workflows.

  1. Create your Reports in Crossbeam. Include partner contact email when possible.
    • This creates the trigger activity in HubSpot that starts your workflow.
  2. In Postal create your "send an item" HubSpot trigger
    • This saves your gift email copy and gift or collection choice
  3. Build a contact-based workflow started by new overlaps
    • Add any additional steps based on your strategy when new overlaps occur
    • Add a branch for when you want to send a partner rep a gift to ask for an intro
    • Select your Postal trigger from the list of available actions

    To optimize this integration, ensure that either:
    a. your partners share their team emails connected to accounts, OR
    b. you include a step to assign a specific partner contact


Note: This requires the Crossbeam Custom Object with a HubSpot Enterprise account; more info here

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