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With the Crossbeam and Medallia Strikedeck integration, customer success professionals can directly access partner data to identify opportunities to drive integration adoption and illuminate when they should collaborate with partners on mutual accounts.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerate Integration Adoption:
    Make it easy for your customer success team to activate integrations for mutual customers with tech partners.
  • Illuminate Expansion Opportunities:
    Help your customer success reps identify upsell or cross-sell opportunities based on new overlaps with partners.
  • Prevent Avoidable Churn:
    Jumpstart collaboration between your customer success reps and your partner’s reps when mutual “at-risk” accounts are identified.

How It Works

Medallia Strikedeck will retrieve data related to customers and partners from Crossbeam to create a comprehensive account record that spans sales, ticketing, billing, usage data and more. This allows your customer success team to:

  • Get Signals From Partners: Get a wide range of early customer signals from partners that give your team the insights they need to detect patterns, predict behavior, and identify potential risks/opportunities for accounts.
  • Receive Automated Alerts: Automate the response to partner signals with alerts, so customer success team members can scale more efficiently, focus on activities that matter most, and be proactive in responding to customer needs.
  • Unearth Account Intelligence: Tap into an expanded range of signals from partners to retain and expand customer accounts, and drive LTV.
  • Elevate Team Performance: Deploy playbooks to guide team member response to partner and customer signals and deploy best practices to improve team performance. Track team member responses to signals to identify opportunities for enablement and training.
Send Crossbeam Data to Medallia Strikedeck for Customer Success teams
Send Crossbeam Data to Medallia Strikedeck for Customer Success teams
Send Crossbeam Data to Medallia Strikedeck for Customer Success teams

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