Have you ever found yourself in a scenario where you find out about a partner overlap that could help a seller really push a deal over the finish line, but you find out after the deal has started, and when you approach the seller, they don't want to add anything to the mix for fear of messing up the deal?


Do you find yourself watching a Slack channel for new deal pipeline and then manually searching Crossbeam for the overlap and then sending the seller the partner information, and then hoping they read it?


Have you ever created a one-pager with a partner, sent it out into the ether, only never to have it read?


Are you constantly answering the same question over and over again about where this partner one-pager is stored, or where that partner portal is?

Then Fluincy is the solution for you.

Fluincy uses Crossbeam data to automatically send sellers partner information when a seller makes a meeting with a customer that has a partner overlap. 

Just-in-time delivery of relevant partner data to sellers, automatically.


Key Benefits

  • Provides sellers with partner information when it's relevent to upcoming customer meetings
  • Sellers do not have to go searching for partner overlaps or partner information
  • Allows sellers to be aware of and interact with the partner workflow without leaving their chosen toolset
  • Automates top-of-mind activities for partner professionals, eliminating many of the manual processes used to keep partner information in front of sellers.

Integration Flow

How It Works

A Google Calendar integration, that requires user authentication and permissions for read only access, watches for external invitees.

When an external invitee is identified, Fluincy looks for matching data in Crossbeam through authenticated API access setup during onboarding. If a customer is identified in Crossbeam's API, Fluincy then searches for partner overlaps

If a partner data match is found, Fluincy then looks to see if that partner has any Partner Enablement Content that has been uploaded.

If partner content is found it triggers a message send to the user's Slack through an App called Partner Fluent that is installed during onboarding.


Fluincy Registration and User Experience

This shows how the user interacts with Calendar and the Slack message sent to them by Fluincy.... read more

This shows how the user interacts with Calendar and the Slack message sent to them by Fluincy.

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Adults learn best when learning takes place along side and integrated with their day to day tasks. Fluincy takes upcoming event data, combined with partner ecosystem data to surface learning opportunities about partners that are a great fit for the customer. This helps sellers to learn about their ecosystem and apply that learning to help customers solve their business problems using their ecosystem.

Nope! You don't need an LMS, but you do need to have some content stored somewhere. But if you do, that's cool too. Whether you have a service with an API we can connect to a list of links to content, we'll help you get setup with Fluincy no matter where your learning content is stored. We're working on creating integrations with all of the top learning platforms to make connecting to an existing LMS even easier.

We believe that just in time learning content should be snack sized and focused on 4 key elements of partnership. Those 4 elements are: 1. What is the technology or service the partner offers 2. What is the joint value proposition and is it simple to articulate to a customer 3. What are questions that a seller should ask a customer to qualify a co-sell 4. How enthusiastic is a partner about our partnership (reviews, feedback, incentives)

Yes. You need to have at least Crossbeam Connector in order for Fluincy to connect to Crossbeam's API.

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