The Tray / Crossbeam Connector allows partner teams to integrate valuable Crossbeam data across their entire stack to truly leverage the power of the partner ecosystem and maximize their investment by:

  • Notifying AE's & CSM's of Crossbeam account overlaps via Slack
  • Automating Crossbeam data to your CRM to reduce manual data entry
  • Optimize co-marketing activities by integrating with your marketing stack

Tray believes that any business professional should be able to easily connect together their entire cloud software stack and automate complex processes in order to scale their growth.

Key Benefits

Citizen automators in partner teams, marketing, sales, support and business operations love Tray’s unique solution.

  • Connect any web application with Tray’s unique Universal Connector.
  • Get started in minutes with pre-built automations for many popular workflows.
  • Easy drag-and-drop interface that doesn’t require dev resources.
  • Go beyond simplistic point-to-point integrations with our flexible conditional logic operators that handle complex multi-step, multi-app workflows.
  • No limits. No latency. Powerful processing of billions of tasks in real-time with the power of elastic serverless architecture.
  • Prompt and helpful support to ensure your success.

How It Works

Visit's Crossbeam connector page here to learn more about this integration. 

Not a customer? is a cloud data integration and automation platform built for business people at enterprises and fast-growing companies. Try it out by signing up for a free trial or see a personalized demo.



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