With Terminus and Crossbeam, partnership teams can seamlessly incorporate partner data into the ABM ecosystem. This integration makes it easier than ever for partnerships, marketing, sales, and customer success to optimize the entire go-to-market strategy and create amazing customer experiences. 

Note, mutual customers can only push overlaps into Terminus via a CRM data source. Google Sheets and CSVs are not compatible with this integration.

Key Benefits

Drive better engagement - Connect Crossbeam and Terminus to help identify and target shared accounts and prospects. 

Account List Segmentation - Power targeted marketing campaigns for shared customers or help accelerate deals in the pipeline.

Campaign Personalization - Personalize advertising campaigns, websites, along with other customer/prospect experiences.

Cohorted Analysis - Show your business the impact of partner relationships, PQLs and partner marketing on quarterly results.

Integration Flow

How It Works

Terminus has the capability to import lists of Accounts from external systems to create and update Account Lists in Terminus. For this integration to work properly, ensure that the Accounts in Crossbeam are being sourced from the same CRM system that is integrated with Terminus' Data Studio.

  1. Create/configure your Reports in Crossbeam. These Reports will serve as the trigger to push overlaps into Terminus as Account Lists. 
  2. Authenticate your Crossbeam and Terminus connection
  3. Start importing relevant CRM IDs into the Data Studio. Select whether you'd like to create or update the Account List.
  4. Leverage your Crossbeam overlaps as Account Lists within the Terminus channels of engagement



If you're on a paid Crossbeam plan and you're a Terminus customer, you can install this integration simply by clicking 'Install App' on this page which will take you to the Integrations tab of your Crossbeam account - find 'Terminus', click 'Install App' and follow the subsequent prompts. Please contact your Terminus Account Manager if you have any questions about the setup process. 

If you are not on a paid Crossbeam plan, you can upgrade within your Crossbeam account prior to installing this integration. Then follow the instructions above. 

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