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Receive customizable alerts about new overlaps via DM or in a Slack Connect channel of your choice, plus search for companies, people, and matches using the handy /crossbeam slash Slack command.

You can also bring Crossbeam data into your Slack Connect channels to easily collaborate with partners and act on shared opportunities when it matters most.

Key Benefits

- Conduct instant and accurate account mapping with partners. Find out who owns your target accounts at partner companies, then use Slack Connect to collaborate and co-sell with them.

- Seize on new shared opportunities as soon as they emerge. Notify and mention account executives on new overlaps in Slack Connect channels, so you and your partners can discover and discuss new co-selling opportunities as they happen. 

- Grow your partner-influenced pipeline. Find overlaps for accounts on-demand by searching with the /crossbeam slash command to shorten sales cycles and influence partner-sourced revenue.

- Activate and accelerate co-marketing motions with partners. Use Crossbeam insights in Slack to easily collaborate on partner marketing activities throughout the customer journey.

Integration Flow


How It Works

Please install the Crossbeam for Slack integration on the Slack app directory.


Get more done with your partners, sales reps, and marketing teams with Crossbeam for Slack

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