Proactively alert your sales reps about co-selling opportunities with partners using the Salesloft and Crossbeam integration. Automatically assign Tasks to you and and your sales reps in Salesloft when new overlaps appear in Crossbeam reports. 

Key Benefits

This allows you to:

  • Work more closely with your sales reps: Stay on top of co-selling opportunities by making sure you and your reps action every new overlap in Crossbeam.
  • Grow partner-influenced and sourced pipeline: Boost collaboration with partners to help your sales reps source new deals or advance open opportunities further down the funnel.
  • Be organized and efficient: Prioritize your to-dos, complete Tasks, and drive awareness of partner overlaps within Salesloft.


This allows your sales reps (including SDRS, BDRs, or AEs) to:

  • Engage prospects at the right time with up-to-date partner data from Crossbeam
  • Increase conversion rates on sales opportunities with help from partners
  • Source a steady stream of ecosystem qualified leads through partners
  • Connect with partner's reps faster and build stronger co-selling relationships

How It Works

When an overlap occurs in a Crossbeam report, a Task is triggered in Salesloft for the Partner Manager and Account Owner (SDR, BDR, or AE) to connect on the account and strategize next steps.





If you're on a paid Crossbeam plan and you're a Salesloft customer, then you can install the integration by clicking the "Install" button on the top right of this listing or by heading to the Integrations page in Crossbeam. Once you activate the integration, configure your settings by selecting the correct Crossbeam Report(s) and Partner Manager(s) in Salesloft.

(Note: Both your partner manager and sales rep will need seats in Salesloft for the integration to function correctly.) 

If you’re not on a paid plan and are interested in learning more about the integration, contact We are offering pilot programs for eligible customers to get free access to Partner Cloud integrations.

Yes. If you have questions about configuration of completed Tasks in Salesforce, please contact your Salesloft customer success representative.

Yes, tasks are assigned to the account owner in Salesloft and the partner manager (user you select in the integration configuration settings). The account owner in Salesloft can be an SDR, BDR, or AE. You can control which account owner receives tasks based on your report filters. Note: Both your partner manager and account owner will need seats in Salesloft for the integration to function correctly.

Tasks are triggered in Salesloft based on new overlaps in Crossbeam reports. To prevent tasks from becoming noisy, add filters to reduce the scope of the resulting overlaps in your Crossbeam reports.

The sync happens hourly.

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