Integrate Partner Data in your ABM Strategy for Improved Account Targeting, Prioritization and Advertising

Ideal for companies employing ABM strategies to grow revenue and drive Sales, Partner, and Marketing team alignment.

Key Benefits

  • Create High-Intent Account Lists. Identify client and prospect overlaps between you and your partners and create a list of high-ROI target accounts in minutes
  • Focus Ad Spend. Reach key decision makers at overlapping accounts—on any device and across multiple channels
  • Monitor Website Activity. Identify partner activity across sites; analyze behavior to inform outreach and drive website personalization
  • Drive adoption and activation within your integration ecosystem. Run targeted campaigns using Crossbeam + RollWorks identify and influence mutual customers between integrated partners.
  • Create Partner-Specific Ad Campaigns. Serve highly relevant ads based on overlap intelligence and reach the 98% of high-intent site visitors who haven’t converted with retargeting
  • Measure Impact of ABM. Track detailed ad campaign performance including account reach, decision maker engagement and revenue influence

Integration Flow

How It Works

This integration is activated from within Crossbeam. 

Once the integration is activated any Report you create in Crossbeam will be available to be synced to RollWorks. Learn how to create a Report here.

Best practices:
RollWorks has observed that companies that use partner technology both close and renew at a higher rate than companies that do not use partner technology. There are a few approaches you can employ regarding the account data you sync to RollWorks.

1. Report: Prospects that are current Customers of your partners.
2. Message Strategy: Prioritize outreach to companies that are using partner technology.
3. Report: Your own Customers that are current Customers of your partners.
4. Message Strategy: Speak to the benefits of using the two technologies in concert with one another.

How to use the integration:
The accounts that are included in the Crossbeam report will be synced to RollWorks as a Target Account List. This will be updated every 24 hours. There are several use cases after syncing partner data into RollWorks:

1. Augment the companies that are using partner technology with machine learning-based scoring.
2. Prioritize the companies that are using partner technology using account intent.
3. Engage the companies that are using partner technology by adding the Account List in to advertising campaigns and Playbooks on Web and LinkedIn.
4. Measure the success of your advertising efforts towards companies that are using partner technology.
5. Assess how companies using partner technology are progressing through the marketing and sales funnel.


If you're on a paid Crossbeam plan and you're a Rollworks customer, you can install this integration simply by clicking 'Install App' on this page which will take you to the Integrations tab of your Crossbeam account - find 'Rollworks', click 'Install App' and follow the subsequent prompts. Please contact your RollWorks Account Manager if you have any questions about the setup process. 

If you are not on a paid Crossbeam plan, you can upgrade within your Crossbeam account prior to installing this integration. Then follow the instructions above. 

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