The native integration with allows you to register leads in a free PRM using enriched Crossbeam data. This turnkey integration will give you the ability to monitor lead attribution for new and existing partners, and pay your partners when a lead closes.

Key Benefits

Tracking partner influence and partner sourced leads has never been easier. By leveraging Crossbeam data directly within PartnerPortal,io, you can identify high-fit prospects and automatically register new leads (individually or in bulk). Additional features include:

  • Permission-based resource center
  • Announcements
  • Commission mapping into your accounting software
  • Automated commissions and payment distribution

The team at offers seamless workflows with the apps you use most, including Salesforce, HubSpot, PayPal, Stripe and QuickBooks Online.

How It Works

After you sign-up for a free or paid plan at, you'll have the ability to login into your Crossbeam account and pull in existing Crossbeam populations. From there, you can review existing open opportunities and partner overlaps while registering new leads on behalf of your partners. 



Login to and head to the Crossbeam tab!

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Send Crossbeam partner data to LeanData to create co-selling workflows in Salesforce.

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