Illuminate which partners can help your sales team source new opportunities and influence each stage of their deals — right within Outreach. Keep leads flowing and deals moving by sending automated Outreach Tasks to your reps each time an account overlaps with a partner in Crossbeam.

Key Benefits

  • Empower your sales reps to identify co-selling opportunities where they already work. Shine a light on which partners can broker warm intros into high-value accounts, and which partners can help reps advance stalled deals — all within Outreach.
  • Strengthen collaboration with reps and keep partners top of mind for them. Help your sales reps stay on top of partner relationships so they can prioritize accounts and ask for help when they need it most.
  • Boost sales conversion rates using the influence of your partner ecosystem. Arm SDRs with insights about their prospects' tech stacks so they can customize their messaging and book more meetings.

How It Works

When a new overlap occurs in a Crossbeam report, a task will be created for the assigned account owner in Outreach. Each task will detail the account name, the partner's name, the partner's population the account overlaps with, and the partner manager they should connect with on next steps.

Next steps for the sales rep and the partner manager might be:

  • The partner manager introduces the rep to the partner's rep
  • The partner manager contacts their counterpart at the partner's org for context or intel about the account
  • The sales rep includes “better together” value propositions in their outbound messaging to prospects.




  • If you're on a paid Crossbeam plan and you're an Outreach customer, then contact sales@crossbeam.com to activate the integration.
  • To set up the integration, you must be an Admin in Crossbeam and in Outreach.

To get started, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your Integrations page within the Org Settings in Crossbeam
  • Find the Outreach integration and click Install App. You'll then be prompted to login to your Outreach account.
  • Select the appropriate Crossbeam report(s) to trigger Tasks for the Account Owner in Outreach.
  • (Optional) For each corresponding report, select the Partner Manager from the dropdown menu to include their name in the Task description. This way, the Account Owner will know who to connect with on next steps. The Task is created on the associated Account in Outreach.

You must have Admin access in Crossbeam and in Outreach to set up the integration.

It will take up to an hour.

Yes, if they have access to Outreach, they can search Tasks. If they do not have access, the Partner Manager can see which overlaps occurred in the Crossbeam Report.


It will only sync new overlaps after the integration is activated.

The Task is created on the associated account in this format:

New Crossbeam Partner Overlap: Acme Corporation is in one or more of your populations [Prospects]. This account is now in one or more of Holver’s populations [Customers].

Your partner manager is Chris Samila.

For next steps, please connect with your partner manager or use the appropriate messaging in Outreach to engage this account.

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