Connect your sellers with the right partners at the right time to facilitate strategic conversations that drive growth.

The LeanData Revenue Orchestration Platform, powered by No-Code Automation, provides flexible, easy, drag-and-drop workflows to automate friction-free processes in Salesforce. Bring in Crossbeam data, and you can orchestrate strategic plays that prioritize sales activities, encourage engagements, and enable co-selling motions with your partners.

  • Visualize and immediately activate your plays
  • Rewire processes at will, absorbing strategy shifts, reorgs and territory changes without breaking a thing
  • Centralize revenue operations to manage processes and handoffs between people and tools, both within Salesforce and across your third-party applications 
  • Leverage any object across Salesforce and along with LeanData integrations including Slack, Salesloft, and Salesforce Sales Engagement to create advanced notifications or automate cadences



Key Benefits

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