Talend Stitch


It can be challenging to collect, organize, and centralize partner data across sources, and an even bigger challenge to do so at the speed your business demands.

Combined, Crossbeam and Talend Stitch are providing unparalleled access to market-leading partner data directly in the systems your business already operates. Crossbeam acts a data escrow service finding overlapping customers and prospects with your partners, and Stitch provides the functionality to rapidly extract, transform, and load that data into leading data warehouses, lakes, and storage platforms. 

Key Benefits

Transparency and control of data: Full control and visibility into your partner data as it flows from Crossbeam to the destinations in your data stack.

Enterprise-grade data security: Secure, analyze, and govern your partner data by centralizing it into your data infrastructure.

API or Singer Open Source: Transfer and create tables with rich Crossbeam data in your destination of choice by enabling the Stitch integration via API or Singer Tap.

Surface valuable insights: Partner data is automatically structured for compatibility with leading data analysis tools and platforms.

How It Works

The integration will be configured in your Stitch/Talend account. Instructions on integrating will be found here once it it live. 

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