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Source, influence, and convert more partnership pipeline by integrating Crossbeam and HubSpot at all stages of growth. Ideal for companies who need maximize co-marketing performance.

  • Send Crossbeam data into HubSpot contact lists to target mutual companies in joint marketing campaigns. Available for paid Crossbeam users who have a HubSpot Professional license.
  • Send Crossbeam data in the HubSpot custom object to trigger workflows, sales follow-up tasks, create reporting dashboard on partner campaign performance and more. Custom object accessibility is available for paid Crossbeam users who have a HubSpot Enterprise license.

Key Benefits

  • Personalized Targeting. Warm up new deals, introduce joint integrations, or co-market partner webinar by creating highly targeted lists in HubSpot using Crossbeam overlap data.
  • Campaign Reporting. Build performance dashboards and measure partner impact by pushing Crossbeam overlap data into the Crossbeam Overlaps Custom Object in HubSpot.
  • Marketing Automation. Make follow-up tasks, email drips, and more a breeze by using overlaps to trigger associated partner workflows in HubSpot.

How It Works

1. Automate Co-Marketing Campaigns with Ease

For paid Crossbeam customers and HubSpot customers on a professional plan or higher. Go to market faster and more intelligently with real-time partner data synced and saved as contact lists in HubSpot

Additional HubSpot resources, here

2. Amplify Partner Impact, Everywhere with the Crossbeam Overlaps Custom Object

For HubSpot Enterprise customers, push overlap data into the Crossbeam Overlaps Custom Object to trigger workflows, build reporting dashboards, automate sales tasks and more.

Additional HubSpot resources, here


Getting Started with HubSpot Email Campaigns using Crossbeam Data:

1. For paying Crosbeam customers on a Professional HubSpot plan or higher;
2. Connect Crossbeam and HubSpot by clicking the install button within the HubSpot integration listing.
3. Your system admin will need to authenticate the connection.
4. Once you've connected the systems, select your Crossbeam reports you'd like to use as the foundation for list creation in HubSpot.
5. Upon selecting your reports, new overlaps and associated overlap data will automatically push into HubSpot and will be saved as corresponding lists. Contact lists will appear in HubSpot with the same naming convention as your reports in Crossbeam.

Please note, all overlaps that are present in associated contact lists will be updated in real-time, removing stale overlap data and surfacing new records. Corresponding campaigns are kept highlt targeted, relevant, and accurate.

From here, your marketing team can use these partner overlap lists to trigger co-marketing emails, workflows, drip campaigns and more. 

Getting Started with the Custom Overlaps Custom Object:

1. To leverage the Custom Object: Your system admin must authenticate the connection to begin routing overlaps in the Crossbeam Overlaps Custom Object in HubSpot. Once your accounts are connected go into your HubSpot integration Settings and select which Populations you'd like to carry over into HubSpot. Upon configuring your populations, save changes, and then following fields will automatically be passed into the custom object in HubSpot:

  • Account ID
  • Crossbeam EID
  • Lead ID
  • Partner 
  • Partner AE Name 
  • Partner AE EMail
  • Partner AE Phone
  • Partner Population
  • Population (Name of population)


2. From here, use the Crossbeam Overlaps Custom Object to trigger new workflows, run reports, build reporting dashboards and more. 

3. Please note, customers using the Custom Object must be on the HubSpot Enterprise plan and must be using HubSpot as a data source to leverage this functionality.

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