Automated Attribution from Sales Edge to Salesforce


No more manual entry of attribution if you’re using Sales Edge to track your partner activity across opportunities. With automated attribution streaming into Salesforce, you can track partner activity more easily and prove the return on your partnership investment.

Key Benefits

🚮 Eliminate manual data entry for partner attribution

🕰️ Save time prepping for weekly partner review meetings

🧠 Know exactly which partners to credit for influencing a deal without racking your brain

How It Works

See partner attribution for your opportunities in Salesforce with this new Custom Object.

What It Is

When you complete a request in Sales Edge, you will be prompted to allow Sales Edge to track the attribution of the partner on your request to the associated opportunity in Salesforce. This helps you and your RevOps team to automatically fill in attribution data for your sales reporting. No more manual entry of attribution if you’re using Sales Edge to track your partner’s activity in your opportunities.

How to Set It Up

⚠️ Grab your Salesforce Admin, and ensure the following steps are complete to access the full feature:

  1. Crossbeam is connected to your Salesforce data source.
  2. Go to your integrations page in Crossbeam, and select “Salesforce Attribution Push.” From there, you’ll be prompted through:
    • Pop-up window for connecting your Salesforce
      • This will prompt you to download and install the Crossbeam Attribution package to your Salesforce instance.
    • Connect your Partner’s Account IDs from Salesforce (this makes linking easy!)
    • When you’ve added all of the IDs you want, click the Save Changes button.
    • Edit or remove any Partner IDs at any time within your Crossbeam account Settings.
  3. When completing a conversation in Sales Edge, select the drop-down field next to Attribution in the Basic Info section. When you save this, Crossbeam will automatically populate the attribution data in your Salesforce.
    • Sales Edge Attribution Selector
    • Data appears in Salesforce!

For more details, check out our Help Center article.


  • Follow this link to install the Attribution Object to your Salesforce Organization.

  • You’ll see a banner saying that this managed package is not part of Salesforce’s AppExchange partner program.

  • You and your Salesforce admin should review the packages contents: it contains only a small custom object.

  • You will likely want to install the package for admins only. This option allows for controlling access and permissions after the package has been installed.

  • 📝 Note: You may need give your users access to the custom object.

Yes. We send the attribution type, sourced or influenced, along with each opportunity.

It is a second manage package, so you can install it via the Integration Marketplace or from the tile in Crossbeam Core.

Yes. Each attribution is related to the account (i.e. the account you closed) and the partner account (if you include it during the setup of the integration). Sales Edge can pull in the opportunities from your CRM. When looking at your Request, a search field allows you to update which opportunity is associated with that Sales Edge Request, and this is pushed through to Salesforce.

If you input your Partner Account IDs here, your attributions will be linkable to the Partner in your Salesforce instead of by their text name only.

This attribution feature comes with four standard report types: 1. Crossbeam Attributions 2. Crossbeam Attributions with Account 3. Crossbeam Attributions with Opportunity 4. Crossbeam Attributions with Partner

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