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With the Crossbeam and Adobe Marketo integration, Marketing Teams can increase and accelerate win-ready leads to the Sales organization by personalizing campaigns with partnership insights — right within Marketo Engage.

Seamlessly & quickly execute co-marketing campaigns in Marketo without any manual effort to define the list. This integration uses your Crossbeam reports to automatically feed partner overlaps into Marketo to make things like announcing joint integrations and promoting co-marketing case studies easier.

Key Benefits

  • Personalized targeting to warm up new deals, introduce joint integrations, or co-market partner webinars & case studies by creating highly targeted lists in Marketo using Crossbeam overlap data
  • Increase marketing effectiveness with messaging that is relevant and differentiated to showcase the benefit of your “better together” story with your leads’ existing partners
  • Immediately engage and nurture new ecosystem leads identified through your Crossbeam overlaps

How It Works

Once you've installed the integration, here's how to get started:

  1. Create a Crossbeam report to identify overlaps between your Organization and your partners.
  2. That report can then be associated with a program you’ve built in your Marketo account by navigating to the Integrations tab within Crossbeam and choosing the Marketo tile - you can add and delete new associations any time!
  3. Once your Crossbeam Report has been associated to the Marketo program of your choice, overlapping accounts from your Crossbeam report will be matched to leads/contacts related to those accounts within Marketo.
  4. Members of your Marketo program will automatically be updated to include those leads/contacts.
  5. Campaigns will then be triggered to members in the program based on your program settings.
Automatically feed partner overlaps from Crossbeam into Marketo
Automatically feed partner overlaps from Crossbeam into Marketo
Automatically feed partner overlaps from Crossbeam into Marketo


If you're on a paid Crossbeam plan and you're a Marketo customer, you will be able to install this integration simply by clicking Install App on this page or within the Integrations tab of your Crossbeam account. 

If you are not on a paid Crossbeam plan, you can upgrade within your Crossbeam account prior to installing this integration. 

Note: You must have Salesforce connected as a Data Source within your Crossbeam account to activate this integration


Once a Crossbeam report is created, how quickly will it show up in the list of selectable reports?


Once a Marketo program is created, how quickly will it show up in the list of selectable programs?


How often does data sync to associated reports & programs?

The first time you select and associate new reports/programs, the process could take longer since this is a larger dataset. However, once the initial data is synced, you can expect data to be updated every 15 minutes.

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